11 Creative Marketing Ideas Using Positive Customer Reviews

Did you know that 72% of people will not make a purchase without reading a review? The power of reviews is so strong that they can make or break the success of a product.

If you are providing a product or service and receiving positive reviews, you will want to benefit as much as possible from them.

How can you get the most out of customer reviews? Check out our in-depth guide.

1. Respond Quickly

Statistics report that the attention you give to reviews pays off, and the quicker you respond, the better. Even if the review is not positive, the speed with which you approach it and the care you take to resolve the issue can form a positive overall impression.

Ask any negative reviewers to contact you directly and even post the resolution to their problem to the site. This means that when others come across the review, they will note your professional approach. Even a negative can become a positive.

2. Add Reviews to Blogs

Blog articles are often varied in topic and so are often linked to multiple other authoritative reviews and pages. This means that visitors can land on your page for a number of reasons. After arriving on your blog a testimonial can be a great way to maintain their attention.

Some successful retailers maintain a moving carousel of positive testimonials on the sidebar of each blog page.

3. Case Studies

Case studies are formed to analyze specific events or developments. They often provide statistics that are used in connection with retail campaigns. So when there are real human reviews to back up the cold statistics, they are even more forceful. Create more powerful case studies by combining statistics and real reviews.

4. Website Product Pages

Reviews can play their most crucial role in sales and product pages. You may be able to display details or instructions regarding the best use for and benefits of a product. Yet the comments of customers that provide specific usage tips or personal benefits from using the product are very powerful.

In a world where people are abler than ever to spot fake reviews, a genuine commendation of a product or service can make the difference between a sale or no sale.

5. Call-To-Actions

Call to Actions are the point of the article or blog. You have persuaded the reader with careful reasoning why your product or service is worth investing in, and the CTA shows them how to do this. A page without a CTA is lacking the killer detail.

Adding a testimonial to the CTA will give added depth. It assures the person that others have invested and have had a positive experience with the product and company.

6. Printed Materials

Printed materials may be less fashionable than digital in today’s world, but that doesn’t mean they have completely left the building. The continuing success of the physical brick-and-mortar business gives an opportunity for the distribution of physical brochures.

The quotation of a positive review on a flyer or brochure can be very powerful. A short testimonial is easy to remember and is often more memorable than the sales pitch that accompanies it.

7. Email Marketing

Email campaigns are still one of the most effective forms of marketing. Testimonials are especially useful in drip campaigns when each email is part of a chain and each link is used to promote a product or overcome an objection.

Emails are generally not long and so need to be quick to the point. Adding testimonials adds an effective edge to the message within a few words. However, it can do this without the sender, the retailer, appearing to be overly pushy. In short, the testimonial can say things that the retailer would not.

8. Social Media Posts

In a world where the genuineness of news and information disseminated particularly through social media is constantly doubted, testimonials add the ring of truth to social media posts.

Testimonials can be added within the text of a social media post. Alternatively, if the text of your post is limited by the platform, you can add it to the image accompanying it.

9. Audio/Video Testimonials

You may think of a testimonial as a few lines of quoted text in parenthesis. However, you don’t have to limit them to text—video or audio testimonials are very powerful tools thanks to the person expressing it themselves. If you plan to do this, keep the following in mind:

  1. Prepare the customer: Review the questions and even practice the answers with the customer prior to recording to get the most polished answer possible.
  2. Brevity: 2-3 questions that provide the right answers should suffice, and any extra time can be used collecting testimonials from other voices.
  3. Clean Edit: Remove any extraneous content—the soundbite should be catchy and memorable, not a documentary.

As a bonus, audio or video testimonials can be transcribed to make text-based testimonials for later use on-site.

10. Testimonials Page

A page solely dedicated to testimonials is a very powerful use of reviews.

You can and should post testimonials on most or all pages of your site. However, having them all in one place is convenient for curious visitors to your site. Customers who are undecided about their purchase should be able to easily find this page and resolve their doubts by reading multiple positive reviews.

11. Create Brand Ambassadors

If you want to add real genuineness and strength to your reviews you can make your reviewers ambassadors for your company.

Customers who broadcast your product via their personal channels can provide a rich source of advertising. 10 brand ambassadors who each broadcast to 50 people will add 500 people to your listening audience.

Their third-party recommendation may speak more about your product and brand than even you can.

Positive Customer Reviews and Much More

Running a business takes careful planning and creative advertising strategies. If you are interested in earning rave customer reviews and putting them to work, we are here to help.

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